Phantom….the BRILLIANT original!

After seeing Phantom many times on tour, the new tour and the Vegas version….I was lucky enough to catch the suitably names ‘brilliant original’ at Her Majesty’s in London.

Here’s my mini review!

One is very quickly reminded from the moment the first notes of the overture send a chill through your bones …why Phantom is still running after all these years and still pulling in the crowds where other musicals fail.

The alluring story, the grandeur of French Opera, the stunning costumes and production design, the naughty overtones of sexual fascination that Phantom has with Christine and of course….the sweeping romantic beautiful score. (Oh and THAT scene as they descend into the Lair)    Ben Forster….who has recently taken up the iconic role of Phantom…is a triumph as the tortured genius that is The Phantom.

ALW really did create something utterly incredible! But the direction of Hal Prince and choreog of Gillian Lynne too and Maria Bjornson’s impeccable designs …. just a marriage of an incredible team.

It is simply….. A masterpiece.

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